Customer Testimonials

“Mi book Mann Hans photography and received a professional service from a gentleman wid attention to detail.

Him transform mi parlour into a photo shoot studio wid all de lights, camera, and even show mi how to get de right kind of action. Mann Hans capture mi good!

If mi was to compare Mann Hans to a fruit it would be a passion fruit. When mi look back at me photos dem, mi see passion and compassion. It obvious Mann Hans enjoy what him do.[read more=”more…” less=”less…”]

Also mi get me photos quick like lighting. De service exceptional from beginning to end, so yes mi would definitely recommend.” [/read]

Patty Dumplin
Character (Mon0lisa Productions)

“Is the most important thing about photography the photos?  No, not when it comes to creating images for business.  What’s important is the relationship you build with the photographer.

In Mann, we found a photographer who is calm, patient, and methodical.  We had an idea of how we thought our products should look.  He took the time to ask for our creative input and tried different set ups until the shot was just right for us. [read more=”more…” less=”less…”]

By bringing the studio to our workshop location, it meant we didn’t lose production time.  This does not mean Mann relied on us to provide what would be considered “a studio space.”  With the range of equipment, cameras, backdrops and lighting that seemed almost made to fit into our limited space, the resulting images were as good as if he were in a private photographic studio.  It was amazing.  We didn’t actually think it was possible.  Mann made it a reality.

More than just offering a photographic service, Mann took time to educate us on improving our own product photos.  It is clear that the exponential benefits of this relationship will continue to grow as our business grows and Mann will be there to help us along the way.” [/read]

Marlene Reddish
Shop Reddish (photo of Netty Reddish)

“I loved the idea of the studio being brought to me. It gave me a lot of flexibility and we managed to photograph all the items in a very efficient manner.

Mann worked with great enthusiasm and we managed to talk football at length during the session. Mann turned around the 300dpi full-size images very quickly as I needed them for an upcoming event catalogue.

It was great collaboration and I would highly recommend Mann as a product photographer to other people.”

Guy Routledge
Carrington Pottery

“I found Mann very easy to work with. I felt totally at ease during the session.

I loved the mood he created by moving just one light around. He brought out the personality in the photos.

Very pleased with the results.”

Anne Lumb

“My photo shoot was a relaxed and fun one. He did put his heart into it with the knowledge of lighting and composition which I found very commendable.

I’m very pleased with the result. He has managed to capture the expressions that depicts my love with the violin, which I’ll treasure.

This guy is a talented photographer.”

Harminder Nagi

“Collaborating with Mann was great. Mann providing many cups of tea helped me to feel at ease. He even got me involved in holding one of the reflectors.

He is really easy to work with. His enthusiasm and craft reflects in the quality of photos.

I would recommend Mann to my friends.”

Holly Sheeran
Instagram @holly_sheeran

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