Nottingham Xmas day

Nottingham City centre always seems busy, which is a good thing. That means there are lots of people buying nice things and spending lots of money. All good for the economy.

I have been there many times taking photos but never seem to have photos without people.

So, I set myself a target that I was going to take photos of Nottingham City centre without any people in. I went to a few times late at night but found people around. Must be students!

So I planned to do a photo session for Christmas day 2017 early in the morning when there would be no people around. For weeks, I looked at sunrise times and wondered whether there would be any sun at all that day. I planned my route along Broad Street, Carlton Street, to the top of Pelham Street, along Fletcher Gate, down to Nottingham Contemporary, Middle Pavement, Bridlesmith Gate, back to top of Victoria Street, down to Cheapside, High Street, Clumber Street and finishing in front of Victoria Centre Shops.

I had all my gear sorted the night before, and planned to do some focus stacking so had my travel tripod to hand.

On Christmas day, I was in town for 7.30am. Parked up on Kent Street and walked the route that I have outlined above.

Sure enough, there was no people around. No cars, buses or trams. Perfect. It was still pretty dark. No sun, no problem.

It was surreal walking around but great opportunity to take some photos.

Took lots of photos. As the morning progressed, there was the odd person. I came across one or two other people taking photos. Kudos to the guy who came in a taxi, took photos on his smartphone and went off back to the taxi, I assume to his next spot.

I was in front of Victoria Centre at 09.15am. There were a few people around by that time. Took my last photos and had a lovely time for the rest of the Christmas day.

My message to anybody thinking of any photo project is to do some planning beforehand and make sure you have all jotted down some of the main ideas that you want to execute.

Good luck with your project and see some of my photos below.

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