Learn 5 Sikh Wedding Traditions and Ceremonies

This article is for anybody who is attending a Sikh wedding/wedding related events and want to be better informed.

Why am I writing this article?

As a wedding photographer, I have attended and photographed many Sikh Weddings. I have often heard guests being curious about what's happening. They want to understand more but often people know the ceremony but not the reason and meaning behind it. So, whether you are a Sikh bride, a Sikh guest or a non-Sikh guest at a Sikh wedding, this article will help you understand what's happening during various ceremonies, and more importantly, why is happening and the meaning of the event or ceremony

Well before the main events around the wedding time, there will be a number of other ceremonies that take place. These usually involve close family only and include Chunni ceremony and Kurmai. These events formalise the engagement. However, I will not into detail of these ceremonies. Instead I will focus on lead up the wedding day and the wedding day itself. This is the time when guests will be involved and also that is the time when the photographer and most likely, the videographer is likely to be shooting and that's mostly my photography experience

Learn 5 Sikh Wedding Traditions and Ceremonies

March 11, 2021