India 2016

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India 2016

This blog is a record of my personal travel to India. It is not intended to be comprehensive and the photos selected reflect the areas we visited.

Since migrating to the UK in 1968, I have been back to India only twice.

First time in 2008 when we took our mum’s ashes back to India to be scattered.

Second time was in 2016. This was well planned trip thanks to other members of the family. Whilst the plan only covered a small part of India, it was still a very hectic 2 weeks.

After flying overnight to Delhi, we stayed at my sister’s apartment for 24 hours before flying over to Amritsar. This was great as the flying time is only 1 hour whereas a road or rail trip from Delhi to the Punjab could take several hours. Amritsar was very busy as was the Golden Temple even at 6.30am on a Sunday morning.

Disappointingly, the trip to Wagah-Atari border ceremony was not successful. We got to the border area but it was so busy that there was no way of getting to see the ceremony. There were thousands of people who did not get to see the ceremony on that day. I can only imagine it is the same every day. My suggestion for the Punjab government is to implement a ticketing system. That way people who have the ticket should be travelling to site.

Anyway, we travelled to Jullundur and visited our village for the afternoon. Everything seem smaller than it was when I was very young and lived there.

Back to Delhi on the Express train was good and orderly.

In Delhi, there is a ton of culture. Many places to see and visit. We used the metro many times to get into central Delhi. It works really well. There is no queuing system and everybody want to be first onto the train.

Delhi to Jaipur on the train was an interesting experience. Jaipur is so different. Most people seem to want to obey traffic laws and motor-cyclists were wearing helmets. Jantar Mantar, City Palace and Amer Fort are few of the very many places to see and visit.

The third leg of this travel triangle is Agra. Visit to Taj Mahal is very orderly. Tickets are purchased at a location around 1 km away and walk to the Taj is quite pleasant. Best to hire one of the many guides and you will get a lot more out from the visit.

Pictures below are a selection that I took. Enjoy and if you liked this blog and photos, then subscribe to the newsletter.

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