Carrington Pottery

My initial contact with Guy Routledge at Carrington Photography was by chance. I was looking through the window at some of the ceramics on display and Guy just happen to pop out. I think we started talking about football and the conversation developed from there.

Discussion led on to work and once I mentioned that I was a photographer, Guy mentioned that he was somewhat baffled by galleries wanting digital photos in 300dpi. He also had a need to get some photos done for an upcoming exhibition for some of his new ceramics.

We agreed to collaborate and the results are in the gallery below.

I set up the studio in one of the preparation rooms at Carrington Pottery with a large table providing ideal base. Most of the photos were taken with a single softbox above the ceramics with the background curved to give a feel of depth.

Figure 1: Equipment and product setup

As most of the objects were fairly flat, I limited the depth of field to around f5.6.

Guy got involved with holding reflectors, making tea and telling stories about Manchester United and the football team he plays for on Forest Fields. Naturally, I chipped in with few stories about Chelsea.

It was successful session and I keep in regular touch with Guy.

The message here is that as a photographer, get out and network and share your thoughts with people. You never now, your next photo opportunity may be just around the corner. Or is this called Marketing!!

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